15 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs – Best Budget

To get the happiest gaming experience of your life, get extraordinary compared to other best cheap gaming chairs review 2020 you can manage. Particularly in case you are going through hours on that seat, crushing through the best PC games, you will need a seat explicitly intended for that reason.

All things considered, what is the utilization of having the best gaming PC and the best quality gaming screen in the event that you can not devote hours on them. The exact opposite thing that you need is to be awkward, or more awful, in torment when you are in an epic battle or attempting to get past that intense level. 

Do yourself and your body some help, and put resources into the best gaming chairs under 100 & 200 in 2020. The choices may appear to be interminable, however, trust us, finding the correct one for you is more than worth the exertion and maybe the sticker price. 

With our list of the best cheap gaming chairs in 2020 – every passage handpicked by us at BrightRozee – your chase for that ideal gaming position of royalty will be simpler. Since we have a considerable amount of involvement in sitting, we have direct information on what to search for in a gaming seat. Also, you will certainly discover something on this rundown that is ideal for you.

Best cheap gaming chairs 2020

1- Homall High-Back Racing Chair

  • Seat height: 17.5-21.8 inch
  • Width: 14.5 inch
  • Depth: 20.5 inch
  • Backrest Lenght: 30.5 inch
  • Backrest Width: 22.5 inch 
  • Tilt: 90-150 deg 
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Ergonomics: Adjustable armrests, lumbar pillow, neck pillow 


  • Sturdy five-star base
  • Premium PU leather material
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Easy to move with color caster wheels

If you are looking for the best gaming chair for ps4 with the best budget then this chair is perfect for you. Because the cost of this gaming chair is under 100$. It is designed to hold up to 300 pounds. As most users want it has a tall backrest measuring 30.5inches.

The fabric is good quality and manages to stay firmly in place as your body eases down into its gentle embrace. The leather of this gaming chair is a spill resistance and it is easy to clean it.

The Homan Gaming Chair included with a lumbar pillow and a headrest pillow which is another great bonus according to its affordable price.


  • Replacement or refund within a month if you do not like it.
  • Capacity to hold up to 300 lbs.


  • No adjustable armrest

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2- OFM Racing Style ESS-3085-GRN

  • Height: 17 – 20.75 inch 
  • Width: 20 inch
  • Seat Depth: 19 inch
  • Backrest Lenght: 29.5 inch
  • Backrest Width: 19.75 inch
  • Tilt: 85-165deg 
  • Max Load: 275 lbs
  • Ergonomics: Flip-up armrests, lumbar pillow, neck pillow

If you looking to find the best budget gaming chairs with great features than OFM is best for you which cost is just $65.The OFM Essentials contoured padding offers plenty of plush and breathable comfort. Users will also get a pair of the flip-up armrest and recline functions.


  • Flip-up arms
  • Recline function
  • Chair ergonomics
  • Softhead leather chair
  • High back swivel chair
  • Segmented and padded


  • Offers amazing all-round comfort
  • Great features for a gaming chair under $100
  • Available In 6 Different Colors


  • small frame chair

3- Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Height: 16.1 – 20 inch          
  • Seat Width: 19 inch
  • Depth: 20 inch
  • Backrest Lenght: 30 inch
  • Backrest Width: 19 inch  
  • Tilt: N/a 
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Ergonomics: lumbar and headrest pillow


  • Premium breathable leather
  • 360-degree rotation with rolling Wheels – avoid scratching on the floorboard
  • Ergonomic design

With devoko gaming chair you will get a headrest and lumbar support which is easily adjustable and enjoy your ps4 games.

You will also get 360° swivel rotation and the wheels claim to stop scratching on the floorboards, this will of course depend on the floor type and where you are using the chair.


  • It can accommodate bulky people.
  • Free replacement or refund for unsatisfactory buy or quality problems.


  • Lumbar support pillow is not attached to the chair
  • The armrest cannot be adjusted

4- Vitesse Gaming Chair (Sillas Gaming)

Best cheap gaming chairs: Vitesse Gaming Chair
  • Height: 13.7 – 18.5 inches          
  • The idth: 14.5 inch
  • Seat Depth: 21 inch
  • Backrest Lenght: 32 inch
  • Backrest Width: 22 inch  
  • Tilt: 90-180 deg
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Ergonomics: headrest pillow and lumbar cushion.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Multi-Function

It has a deeper bucket and a thicker back seat that offer amazing comfort. As well, it has 360-degrees swivel, an adjustable backrest with a 90-degree to 180-degrees safety angle. It is also equipped with three points to support on your lumber, spine, and head with a detachable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow.


  • It has long-lasting designing
  • It affords the neck cushion assist access.


  • a little bit high in price

5- Big Tall High Back PU Leather Swivel Gaming Chair

Swivel Gaming Chairs


Swivel Gaming Chair has a strong metal frame and ergonomic design for a comfortable seated position. It also has a high reclining backrest design to offer you a maximum comfort experience. Detachable head pillow and adjustable lumbar support that provide great support for your waist and neck are amazing features. 


  • Adjustable lumbar support and removable head pillow
  • Padded and flexible footrest
  • Great for big gamers
  • Heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters


  • Available in 8 diff colors
  • Less expensive
  • Heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters
  • Adjustable armrest 

6- Smugchair Gaming Chair

Smugchair desk Chair Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Functional Design
  • Adjustments
  • Quality Upholstery

The lumber pads ensure that the lower back will be properly protected.The cushion will help to provide the support that your back needs. The back of the chair can be easily adjusted. The leather chair comes with pads and cushions that will provide the extra comfort that you need especially if you are going to play your favorite games for a long time.


  • good cheap gaming chair
  • Comfortable chair
  • It comes with all of the needed parts to assemble this properly.
  • The design of the chair is nice, especially for its price.


  • The back of the chair is not padded.
  • In some cases quality issues found
  • Sometimes the reclining function does not work 

7- Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair

Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair
  • Height: 16.5 – 22 inches          
  • Width: 20.5 inch
  • Seat Depth: 20.5 inch
  • Backrest Lenght: 37 inch
  • Backrest Width: 20.7 inch  
  • Tilt: 90 – 180 deg
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Ergonomics: Adjustable armrest, Pillows


  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Cheapest gaming chair

Furmax uses pillows to provide ergonomic lumbar and head/neck support. As such, both are adjustable since you can simply move the pillows around where you want them. Although the armrests are not ergonomically designed, they are independently height adjustable, which gives you some means of tweaking and personalizing your seating experience.

Best gaming chair under $200

8- GTRACING Gaming Chair

GTRACING: Best cheap gaming chairs
  • Seat height: 17 – 20 inch
  • Width: 16 inch
  • Seat Depth: 22.8 inch
  • Backrest Lenght: 32.5 inch
  • Backrest Width: 21.5 inch  
  • Tilt: 90 – 170 deg 
  • Max Load: 330 lbs
  • Ergonomics: Armrests, lumbar pillow, neck pillow


  • Smooth PU leather
  • Multi-function
  • Ergonomic design

The GTracing Gaming chair costs only $119.99. The cushions of GTracing gaming chairs are soft while the pads offer firm support, so you will be comfortable in this budget gaming throne. This masterpiece gaming chair has full ergonomic adjustability between the armrests, head pillow, and lumbar support.


  •  Best looking chair under $150
  •  Neck and lumbar pillows
  • Attractive design available in many colors


  • PU leather can get warm
  • Plastic parts, stitching, upholstery not super durable

9- Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style E-Sports Swivel Chair

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style
  • Height: 47.2-50.4 inches          
  • Seat Width: 20.8 inch
  • Depth: 21.6 inch 
  • Tilt: 90-155deg
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Ergonomics: Adjustable armrest, Pillows


  • Quick Installation

This gaming chair is made of high durable PU leather with removable headrest and lumbar support. It has a high backrest which ensures proper alignment and support for your back and neck. 8cm seat height adjustment makes the chair perfect for people from 5.2 – 6 height.

10- RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN RSP-110 Reclining Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A racecar-fashion gaming chair that provides luxurious and luxury, whether or not it is far used for severe gaming periods and mountaineering to the pinnacle of the leaderboards or long workdays.

  • Seat height: N/a        
  • Seat Width: N/a
  • Tilt: 90 – 130 deg
  • Max Load: 275 lbs
  • Ergonomics: Soft and padded armrests, Adjustable headrest and lumbar aid pillows


  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar aid pillows
  • 4D adjustability
  • Full 360 tiers of swivel rotation permit dynamic movement.

With an extendable footrest, contoured segmented padding, a high back, plus adjustable headrest and lumbar support, this chair provides high-performance comfort whether used for gaming or for long workdays in the office.

Additional features include seat height adjustment, padded armrests and 360-degree swivel. Find the perfect position with a recline between 90-130 degrees with tilt tension adjustment and infinite locking positions plus armrests that pivot with the chair as it reclines. 


  •  Lots of features for a chair at the sub $150 price
  •  2 cool Fortnite styles
  •  Extendable footrest


  • The strong chemical odor lasts for a couple of weeks

11- GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers GT890M

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

 GTRACING gaming chair is an ideal seat of choice for working, studying, and gaming. It will make your space more modern and elegant, and make you more comfortable.

  • Seat height: N/a        
  • Seat Width: N/a
  • Tilt: 90 – 170 deg
  • Max Load: 300 lbs


  • Music gaming chair
  • 2 Bluetooth speakers
  • Connectable to a smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and enjoy music, mobile game or movie with thrilling
  • Comfortable seated position
  • Seat-height adjustable
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion for added support

GTracing GT890M provides full comfort with Bluetooth speakers. You can connect speakers with any smartphone tablet, laptop or BlueTooth enable devices. Seat height can easily be adjusted.

Pillow or cushion is removable and helps in back support. Strong metal frame designed to help promote a comfortable seated position, keeping you comfy after long hours of game or work. Thick padded back & seat are perfect for relaxing.


  • Settled with built-in speakers
  • It can also be connected with your TV system
  • Has storage and foldable access.


  • It does not have sufficient padding for the neck or returned areas.

12- Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size
  • Seat height: N/a        
  • Seat Width: N/a
  • Tilt: 90 – 170 deg
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Ergonomics: USB waist massage pillow, adjustable waist pillow, and head pillow.


  • high-quality PU leather
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed
  • 360 degrees of rotation, adjustable height, retractable footstool,
  • USB waist massage pillow, adjustable waist pillow, and head pillow.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size High-back Ergonomic Racing Seat with Massager Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest PU Leather 90-180 degree adjustment of backrest Thickening sponges (YK-6008-WHITE).Due to high-quality PU leather, you can use it for any purposes without any worries about damaging.

Thicker high-density sponge will give you a more comfortable experience and wide backrest will provide you with better support. Due to adjustable height, it is perfect for all sizes.

13- RESPAWN SKULL TROOPER-V Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair

RESPAWN SKULL TROOPER-V Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair
  • Seat height: 43. 9 – 47. 64 inches          
  • Seat Width: 25.5 inch
  • Seat Depth: 27.5 inch  
  • Tilt: 90 – 105 deg
  • Max Load: 275lbs


  • segmented padding and built-in head support.
  • Stain-resistant materials
  • 4D adjustability
  • the flip-up arms

Skull Trooper gaming chair is a healing chair for your bones. It is a race car-style gaming chair that provides you great luxury and comfort, whether you used it for gaming purposes, office purposes or any other purposes. Due to its 4D adjustability it is completely comfortable. It is made of stain-resistant material so you do not need to worry much about its cleanness.


  • 4D adjustability
  • Fortnight skull Trooper theme
  • Armed with comfort


  • Expensive gaming chair
  • Small than other gaming chairs

14- Homall Gaming Chair Single Living Room Sofa

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Single Living Room Sofa


  • Made with high-quality PU leather and high-density thicker sponge
  • Can be used as three kinds of shape form 90 to 180 degree
  • Maximum capacity: 265 lbs
  • Seat Height: 17.7 inch
  • Seat Dimensions: 25.5(W) x 29.1(D)
  • Back Dimensions: 20.9(W) x 29.1(H)
  • Open Dimensions: 27.6(W) x 62.6(D) x 27.9(H)
  • Closed Dimensions: 25.5(W) x 35.8(D) x 40.5(H)


  • Comfortable
  • can be easily cleaned
  • High resilience and high permeability
  • Adjustable footrest and back so perfect for gaming, office, watching movies and napping
  • Latest recliner designed for gaming.
  • More suitable for long time gaming purposes
  • Warranty: free exchange for installation problems, damage, and missing parts within1 year.
  • Within 1 month you can exchange or refund your money if you do not like the chair

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