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If you are a gamers or just getting into video blogging, you definetily need an awesome live streaming camera to fullfill you webcame needs. 

Most Laptops has build-in cameras However, PC does not have a webcam unless you have purchased and installed one yourself. 

There are there are thousands of webcams on the market to choose from; from cheaper, low quality models, to more expensive best live streaming cameras. But to choose best among these streaming cameras might be a difficult task for you. If you are palnning to become a prsfessional gamers or blogger, using the wrong streaming camera could grind your career to a halt rather quickly.

We have a live of best live streaming cameras for you here:

Webcam Manufacture Weight Price
Logitech C922X Pro Logitech 5.76 ounces

 Logitech C930E Logitech 5.6 ounces

Microsoft HD-3000

Microsoft 3.2 ounces

Anivia 1080p HD Webcam

Anivia 6.4 ounces

Vitade 960A USB Pro

Vitade  5.9onces

Guardsunny Webcam

Guardsunny 5.0onces


Logitech C922X Pro

Logitech C922X Pro

The Logitech C922x Pro is designed with fectures that make it a best option for the gamers community. It has the highest resolution(1080p).

Due to its automatic light correction capability it can easily stream in poorly lit environments. Its auto-correction feature helps to deliver razor-sharp images and consistent videos.  

One most amazing feature of this webcame is “background replacement technology”. This feature allows you to integrate live images on the background scenes. You can perform this action even when you are live streaming a video.

 It has a sturdy construction and the capability to deliver good HD videos & images. Furthermore it is also easy to use and compatible with most operating systems including Windows and Chrome OS.


  • Background Replacement Technology
  • Omni-directional microphone which helps you to reduce noise
  • Video compression feature allows you to compress videos and save your space


  • Expensive
  • Updates needs to be installed manually




Mevo Plus Intelligent Webcam

Mevo Plus Intelligent Webcam

The Mevo Plus was designed as the updated model of Mevo Camera that was specially created for Facebook Live.

Due to its improvement Mevo Plus allows you to create videos at best resolutions (1080p & 4K). This webcam works on both mobile platform, as well as PCs. If you are traveling, your phone makes it possible to easily stream high-resolution videos.

This webcam has multiple editing tools which allows its users to edit their videos directly from their phones.


  • You can easily transmit video over long distances
  • Built-in stereo mic and audio jack
  • live editing tool feature
  • Can easily connect with your phone


  • Can Be Pricey
  • Internet connection must be strong to avoid pixelation



Razer Kiyo Webcam

Razer Kiyo Webcam

The Razer Kiyo Webam has a ring light baked right-in which makes it  suitable for any lighting condition, even pitch black.

Its lights intensity can be adjusted by turning its dial. Kiyo is the webcam for you, if you like streaming horror games in the dark. 

As mevo plus, razer kiya also has 1080p sensor boast  resolution. In my testing, the Razer Kiyo has the highest color saturation. When the lighting is normal, it helps to add a great deal of vividness to your images. The attached ring light adds an extra bit of flexibility.


  • Ring light is amazing for low light
  • Inherently boosts saturation


  • Expensive for a webcam
  • Saturation boost looks unnatural



Genius Widecam F100

Genius Widecam F100

This is the camera for you, if you want to capture a large area during your gaming or video conference sessions?

Genius widecam F100 can cover up to five people at a time due to its wde range of 120 degree. The image quality of this webcam is up to 12MP which is impressive. It can be easily installed so you can save your time.

With ArcSoft Webcam Companion software, F100 allows you to record HD videos. You can also edit these videos easily.


  • 1080p full HD recording
  • Built-in high microphone


  • F100 Camera mount is designed from plastic


Best Live Streaming Cameras In 2020

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