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Selecting the best portable & fast wireless chargers Samsung, iPhone, Galaxy, Google Pixel or Android phones, etc is not as easy as you may think. As wi-fi chargers in 2020 have come to be both greater success and greater affordable, the wide variety of businesses providing them has exploded. As a result, it can be tough to split the excellent fastest wireless chargers from those who fail to maintain up towards the top options.

Simply drop your smartphone onto the charger and stroll away.  Get rid of the headache of coping with cables that inevitably spoil or get lost.

Until recently, the main disadvantage of fast chargers has been slow adoption and sluggish charging. This fashion of charging is still no longer ubiquitous, but you could now discover Samsung, LG, Sony, and Moto phones that guide it on the Android side, and Apple has adopted it of its iPhone lineup as well.

Top 10 best fast wireless chargers Samsung & Iphones:

1. Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Stand



Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 10 | AC Adapter: Yes | Warranty: Can be request

Compatible with: Universal

The Belkin 10W is a stage up in format and charging power. That charging cost topped off 16% on iPhone in a short time. 

The Belkin 10W has styled smooth plastic with matte elastic for the level charging surface, just as the “arms” saving your telephone from sliding off the surface. It substantially feels higher-caliber, and in the solid dark shading, looks somewhat more noteworthy sensitive than more affordable chargers. 

Regardless of whether you like cushions or stands is more up to private taste, however, we revel in the helpfulness of safeguarding your gadget upstanding to check the time and look through notices. It charges phones, however – no smartwatches or tablets.


  • Quality rubber
  • Glossy plastic

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2.Google Pixel Stand

Google Pixel Stand


Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: N/a | AC Adapter: N/a 

Compatible with: Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL

The Pixel Stand has specific capabilities that most effective activate when Pixel telephones are slotted into it.

True, it capabilities like another 10W charger, and will fill up any Qi-like minded phones battery. It is designed like a stand-style charger, with an angled pill-shaped back, ridged foot for traction, and circular base, covered in white rubber material.

Slide a Pixel smartphone into the stand, however, and you could set it to show a gallery of photos, prompt Google Assistant, and link your Nest Hello video doorbell to automatically show while a person rings it.


  • Quality rubber
  • Include extra features




Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 5 | AC Adapter: No | Warranty: 18-month 

Compatible with: Nokia Lumia phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, and Yota phones

While this is most effective a 5-watt charger, the manufacturer claims that the efficient chipset will charge your cellphone relatively faster than different 5-watt wireless chargers out there. 

I also like that it is a stand. Anker also sells a version of this charger that is a puck. Stands are just so convenient, and pucks are not.

This charging stand is also well suited with Nokia Lumia phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, Yota phones, and iPhones


  • Ergonomic design
  • Versatile
  • safe




Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 7.5 | AC Adapter: No

Compatible with: Check on amazon for different models

Now here is a charger that attempts to cater to everyone”s needs while last fairly affordable. The Yootech wireless charger has the best one foremost drawback: the truth that it is miles a wi-fi charging percent and not a stand. But do not let me get beforehand of myself. Let’s take a look at the likable and the not so likable things about this wireless charger first.

The indicator tells you that the phone is charging or not. It additionally has the nifty characteristic of blinking time and again when there may be something which includes metallic or magnetic cards and gadgets within the detection location of the charger. Normally, I hate unnecessary blinks and bloops – however I recognize this warning characteristic. It blinks if there’s a problem, and does not if there is not. Coins, ID playing cards, bank cards, iron, etc, will intervene with the charging of your phone. In fact, the damage can be double. If your region a credit card near the charger the magnetic strip might be demagnetized, rendering the credit score card useless. So, it’s a true concept to always ensure these items are nowhere close to the place of the charger when it is miles on.

It will also charge your smartphone with cases as much as 4mm thick, which is almost as exact as the fine on our list. Anything above 4mm, though, and your smartphone may not price at all. I would endorse preserving your phone case thickness beneath 2 mm for the pleasant performance. If the phone casing is thick, even if it is underneath 4 mm thick, it might affect the rate at which the telephone receives charged, or motive the charging to be intermittent.

This charger is likewise sleep-friendly.


  • Fastest  charging
  • Intelligent indicator
  • Temperature can be control




Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 13.5 | AC Adapter: No

Compatible with: check on amazon for diff models

The largest distinction among Pleson and other manufacturers is the charging rate. The Pelson is available at a whopping maximum rate of 13.5-watts. That is as much as 1.4 times faster than further priced chargers at the market. The Pelson is a puck, so you have to await your cellphone to finish charging before using it, however, it will charge your phone to 100% in an hour on the most.

The LED mild turns green while the smartphone is charging. It seems like this kind of simple component to engineering charging lighting into those devices, however, no longer they all do. You will also use either a QC 3.0 adapter or the unique adapter that comes with your Samsung phone.

This best advantage of pelson is the 3-year warranty.


  • Fast charging of 13.5-watts
  • LED design
  • 3-Year warranty




Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 10 | AC Adapter: No

Compatible with: iPhones, Samsung phones and All Qi-Enabled Phone

The Seneo is a pretty suitable wi-fi charger and has a really cool and sleek design. As the Seneo has two modes, 5- and 10-watts.

Seneo claims their connection is “greater stable,” and promises quicker speeds than other five-watt chargers. They compare their charger to some of the 7.5-watt chargers which can be at the market.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Efficient charging
  • User friendly

7.Anker PowerWave 15

Anker PowerWave


Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 15 | AC Adapter: No | Warranty: 18-month

Compatible with:iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus, Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/Note 9

The Anker is the fastest charger on our listing for this low of a price, though only some main Android telephones will be capable of notice the difference. In our 30-minute test, an iPhone best regained 10% – respectable but now not tuned for Apple telephones. 
The Anker 15W has a chunk extra of an industrial appearance than most of its peers, with a steel casing and rubber foot. It is one of the few on our list that dispenses with plastic for subtle material, which is a nicer aesthetic on your desktop.

Like different pads, you will need to leave your tool flat to keep it charging, however, the quicker charge ought to ease the edge of leaving your telephone in recharge time-out. And given the Anker PowerWave, 15 could be very inexpensive – $35 on Amazon – it beats out some pricier chargers with decrease rates


  • Classy metal pad
  • braided cord
  • fastest charging

8.Mophie Powerstation Hub

Mophie Powerstation Hub


Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 5 | AC Adapter: No | Warranty: N/a

Compatible with: Qi-Enabled Devices, Smartphones, Tablets, and Other USB Devices(For details check on amazon)

The Mophie Powerstation Hub is a unique charger in that it is mainly not only a charger but also a battery pack. While it is limited via its capacity, the capability to wirelessly price on the cross makes this a versatile solution.

While the Powerstation is not as massive and ungainly as a higher-capacity strength charger, it would not in shape to your pocket either, leaving it more often than not convenient for all people packing a handbag or small bag.

But with versatility comes a cost, and the Powerstation Hub is with the aid of some distance the maximum high priced charger in this list. With a retail charge of $99, this is not cheap for most folks


  • It can charges up to 4 devices at a time

9.Fuse Chicken Gravity Touch

fuse chicken gravity


Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 10 | AC Adapter: No | Warranty: No

This pad is like a cellphone shaped. It is easy to area your phone on and there is no fiddling to locate the spot. Because of the positioning of the light on the top, which is probable to face faraway from you and closer to anyplace your plugin, and the blue color, it must be ok for the nightstand. It works excellent with a smartphone in a case due to the fact there is nothing gentle to offer grip or safety on the top. If you have got a glass-backed smartphone and like to move without a case, this is not the right pad for you, but Fuse Chicken also sells a leather model of the Gravity Touch for an extra $5

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10.RAVPower Wireless Charger

RAV power.jpg


Qi Certified: Yes | Watts: 10 | AC Adapter: No | Warranty: No

Compatible with: iPhones. Androids

The RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger is specially made to assist the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XS, XS Max, and XR. It additionally works with any Qi Compatible Android phone. The charger can output 7.5 Watts of power to charge your iPhone 50% faster than older 3.five to 4 Watt wi-fi chargers.

It is important to check that many cheaper fast charging pads do not include the perfect outlet adapter, so the $40 rate tag is surely really excellent.


  • Fast charging
  • includes adapter
  • affordable
  • non-slip surface
Best Fast Wireless Charger Samsung & Iphones In 2020

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